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American Black Walnut is a wonderfully sophisticated wood.  The client wanted a 'Breakfast Bar' seating area and the wood combined with the chrome and leather stools and a granite worktop created a very modern feel.

A chunky kitchen with open shelving.  This could have been quite rustic, but I chose to use Douglas Fir to compliment the pitch pine roof trusses.  By using an acrylic flat varnish it was possible to create a relatively contemporary 'loft style living' feel into the room.

A very bespoke kitchen that my client designed - he trained as an architect and worked to exacting standards.  The design started in a relatively small kitchen space and extended into an open-plan dining area and eventually into the living area also.  This panoramic shot indicates the style of the doors drawers and alcove units.

Other Kitchens

I hope to bring my design to your kitchen project - however, I am aware that you may wish for something a bit different to what you have seen on these pages. I am happy to work with you to make your dream kitchen a reality. You may have a traditional farmhouse and want something a bit more rustic, or you may have a Victorian house and want something that is going to fit into that space in a more 'traditional' way. You may only want to add one or two additional cupboards and need them to match, and I can change cupboard doors and make new wooden worktops.

Please contact me if you wish to upgrade your existing kitchen or have a design that you are interested in which I may be able to price and make for you. Please note that I do not fit other peoples' kitchens.

Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture
Bepoke Kitchen Design in Douglas Fir
Island Unit in Douglas Fir
Painted Kitchen Cabinet
Contemporary Walnut Kitchen Breakfast Bar

My client needed lots of storage for books and shelves to hold those large kitchen items such as mixing bowls.  Other than that they were happy with the existing kitchen but needed more preparation area.  I built this Island from Douglas Fir and combined it with a wide stave Oak worktop.  It fitted well into the traditional farmhouse kitchen .

Below is an example of a beaded frame.  Combining this design with the pewter handles and paint gives the kitchen a fairly elegant Victorian feel. Without the beads this would be far more clearly associated with the Shaker style kitchen.

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