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About CIDA Wood Design

CI Davis Carpenter
A Personal Client-Centred Approach

I started the business in Hebden Bridge in 2003 as Hebden Renovation Company Ltd. In 2015 I moved to South Yorkshire and relaunched as CIDA Wood Design Limited.  My ethos has always been to offer a very personal service, to establish trust, and to be attentive to my client’s needs. The client-centred approach means that I will meet with you to discuss your project, offer a written quotation, provide you with a timescale for completion of the project.

I involve others in the work when I can and will always work with people who share similar interests in design, quality and client approach.
Michael Smith works with CIDA on projects when he can. Michael trained as an architect and worked in London for a number of years.  He is a skilled furniture maker and runs his own company, Idle Furniture.
Jaime Ward is a very skilled Timber Framer and has worked around the world.  A very old friend of Ci, we work together on framing projects.  Jaime runs his framing business, JamCo from Frome in Somerset.
Jaime Ward

Ziggy the Dog - often in the workshop, sitting in the van, or sniffing about .


My work is usually made to order and to the individual requirements of my clients. A bespoke piece can be modified in any way required to meet need and expectation. Some things need to be bespoke; for example a door may need to fit a non-standard opening, be subject to restrictions from planning authorities, or experience abnormal weather patterns. Sometimes offering a bespoke solution makes something function better or gives greater satisfaction; for example changing the design, material, size, or finish will allow a unique and potentially more functional piece of furniture. 



Many people will not have commissioned work before, but it should not feel intimidating to do so.  I invest time getting the commission right before work is started or any money taken.

Beautiful Hardwood
Handmade Table - Curved Cross Legs
Designing With Wood

My work acknowledges the heritage of the carpenter and the history of design. I consider wood to be more than a material that I work with; it is a living product with unique character, as a carpenter I aim to recognise and use this to best effect.

I use traditional carpentry skills in all of my work. Each item is fully considered and hand-made; I use modern machinery and traditional hand tools, with the aim of producing beautiful individual pieces designed to be appreciated and to last.

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