Wooden Windows

I am able to offer wooden windows as replacement windows or for an entire house. These days uPVC windows are widespread and often sold as ‘maintenance free’. However, I believe a wooden window is a far more beautiful item and if well constructed will last many years. The window will need maintenance, every 3-5 years it will need a fresh coat of varnish or paint, but if that is considered a small price to pay for a beautiful window, then you should consider looking at what CIDA can offer. My windows are either painted hardwood (Sapele) or oak. I am often asked to provide painted exterior and oiled interior – this allows a painted window (for aesthetic reasons or to comply with planning regulations) whilst benefitting from the appearance of beautiful oiled/varnished oak inside. The windows are not made on moulding machines and slotted together.

They are constructed by hand with mortice and tenon joints. They have modern Aquamac 63 compression seals, drip mouldings, friction or storm hinges and are supplied with insulated double glazed units that are Argon Gas filled.

• Oak window cills can be supplied cut to fit.

• I do not make wooden sash windows.

• There are a number of options that you may wish to consider if you wish to discuss your window project with me.