Internal Doors

The majority of doors that I produce are the ledged plank ‘cottage door’ style door. These are constructed from solid Kiln Dried European Oak (Other wood choices available). I usually supply the doors oiled (Osmo Clear Satin Hardwax Oil) but other options are available. These doors are traditionally finished with a ‘Suffolk’ Latch and strap hinges.

If modern butt hinges, tubular latch and handle are required, I have designed a door that has the appearance of a traditional Plank door, but with a feature that allows it to work in a more contemporary setting. This door is called ‘The Muirhall’, named after a village on the Scottish Borders where I first used this design. I feel this is an elegant door that is suited to many different type of home.

I generally use variable width planks for the doors as I feel this creates greater visual interest than standard width planks. Other ways of creating an individual and attractive door can include wide planks, handmade ‘rosehead’ iron nails or wooden pegs, and different woods or finishes can be considered.

I am aware that there are many cheap engineered-oak doors available and I am unable to compete on price with these. Therefore my panel doors are usually commissioned as replacement doors or where only a solid oak door feels right.