External Doors

CIDA oak doors are constructed from Quartersawn Air Dried European Oak. I believe that this offers the greatest stability and offers the most attractive grain and patterning. I select the wood for each door myself and then arrange the boards by selecting those that complement one another best. At each stage of the process your door will be the one I am concentrating upon.

I produce doors using traditional skills and techniques with modern construction equipment. All of my work uses blind-shouldered mortice and tenon joints. These doors are fully produced individually by hand. This produces strong doors, best protected from the effects of moisture, and ones that will look good for years to come.
The doors are completely bespoke. By looking at the images on the page you will see a range of design options, but these are just a few of the designs that I have produced and I would want to design each door in conjunction with you.

To list all of the options that are available here would be bewildering, but suffice it to say there are enough to make it feel that your door is unique.

The doors are supplied with stainless steel 4” ball bearing butt hinges and with two locks (Sashlock and Mortice Lock). Where a frame is supplied these will have Aquamac 21 weather seals routed in and a Stormguard Threshold Strip will be supplied. In addition, where a frame is supplied the door will be fully fitted to it and tested for fit – this will reduce the time required for installation on site.

Your entrance door is the gateway to your home and in
part how you project yourself to others.

It is therefore one of the most important aspects of your home to get right
and to feel comfortable with. CIDA will help you realise that perfect entrance.


CIDA construct a range of external doors – planked doors, paneled doors,
glazed doors, stable doors, French Doors. The majority of these are constructed in oak,
but I also do painted hardwood (Sapele) and I am happy to discuss other options.


Some Options:

Thickness: Glazing Finishing:
44mm Standard for single plank or panel door I recommend clear polyurethane varnish, but oil, paint and stains may be required and can be offered.
55mm option for double plank door
70mm option for that ‘castle door’ feel

The price that I quote for my doors will include everything that is requested, with the exception of the door furniture. I am happy to source this for you, or you can provide me with links to items that you want. Some links to suppliers are included in Links section below.