Bespoke Design

My work is nearly always made to order and to the individual requirements of the client placing the order.

Bespoke comes from the verb to bespeak which means to ‘speak for something’ – or ‘to arrange for’. This means that my clients commission almost all of my work from me, and as such every piece can be modified in whatever ways are required, so that the product produced meets individual needs and expectations.

A bespoke piece of furniture allows size, material, finish, and design that reflect the purpose and use of the piece. A bespoke door will provide the best solution to doors of non-standard proportion, where there are abnormal weathering patterns, restrictions made by the planning authorities, or where a particular design needs to be realised.

Ordering a bespoke piece does not need to feel strange or frightening. I appreciate that many people will not have commissioned a piece before, however, I view the bespoke aspect of my work merely as a part of a relationship, between myself and the client, that ensures that they will have the product they really want. An important role in my work is ensuring that the client is confident that they are going to be delighted by what they have commissioned, and I invest a lot of time getting the commission right before any money is taken or any work started.

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